Our Commitment to Local

Since 1984, Stevco has been a family owned business committed to helping local organizations raise money. Over the years, we've gotten to know a lot of wonderful people who are community driven and who care about our children. This includes coaches, teachers, moms and dads who volunteer their time, small business owners, and so many more.

We've always been proud to be part of the success of groups and organizations that are doing great things in our communities throughout Upstate New York.

In recent years, we've been able to partner with local businesses, such as Leo's Bakery in East Rochester and Coffee Mania in Cortland, for our fundraising programs. This means that not only can we help local groups raise money, we can often do so by providing locally made goods for them to sell.

We are proud of where we live, and the people who work hard to provide better education, sports, arts, recreation, travel and many more types of opportunities for our kids. Let's keep helping each other succeed.

Local Products

Over the years, we've worked with many local small businesses to help bring you a great fundraiser. Currently, we offer products from these companies:

Local People

We are a small, family owned business. Ernie and Anita Shimp started Stevco Enterprises in 1984. Over the years, their children and grandchildren have helped them in various ways. Currently, their son Brad helps run the business.

Based in Clyde, Stevco is uniquely positioned to provide personal service to both the Rochester and Syracuse regions, as well as the Finger Lakes region. Because of our commitment to staying local, we provide a higher level of service than a company working with national products. This shows up in a lot of ways, but perhaps most importantly on delivery day. We bring the items ourselves at a specific time and help unload your pre-packaged boxes. You and your volunteers set up the boxes alphabetically by seller and simply hand them out to each family as they come to pick them up.

We stock all of the product we sell, package it for you, and deliver it ourselves. This makes everything easier for you. We get your items to you on time. We have extra stock to handle loose ends and late orders. We don't have to a depend on an outside delivery company to show up on time. We don't have to rely on anyone but ourselves to make sure your fundraiser is a success. And we're deeply commited to making sure it is.